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A Sneak Peak into Buying TV Audio Systems for Your


So you are in the market for some sound equipment to tThink no more and

consider the sound bar; these TV audio systems are one of a kind with what

they can offer the user as far as pricing, quality and space are concerned.

Who is in the market for a sound bar? Millions of people are because they are not the commitment that a home theater system requires, neither financially or space wise. They are very little to no maintenance and create a masterful sound haven right in your living room. They don’t require AV receivers and some even come with a subwoofer if that is something of interest to you. Generally speaking, a subwoofer can be pricey for a decent model so getting one included in these TV audio systems is worth looking into. What is a sound bar? These are speaker systems that provide you audio clarity coming from your television from the front of your TV. It isn’t your traditional surround sound system with loads of speakers everywhere, hanging from walls, build into cabinets, or taking up loads of space in your home. They truly take away the complexity of surround sound and make it easy step by step plug and play directions simple for any level user to start listening to their television more clearly. Some sound bars have rechargeable rear speakers, which is a cool feature that some will definitely enjoy and others so offer wireless subwoofers that can give you the ability to hear those sounds in films that you want coming from the rear location of the television viewers. Sound bars aren’t what one would purchase if you were aiming to set up a big home theater with a projection screen and all the trimmings; it simply would not be feasible in that capacity. This is more for the less technically savvy home user, the one that is just seeking better sound quality than they are getting currently just from their television alone. Most of the sound bar sets come fully equipped with the actual sound bar, the power cords, a remote control for volume support while you are watching TV, a subwoofer in some models, wall mounting kits, digital cabling, speaker wires naturally, and an HDMI cable but again, this isn’t in every TV audio systems set just the majority of the top of the line selling models on the shelves today. Always consider space when seeking a surround or any audio device. The size of the room matters, if it’s small you don’t need a lot to fill it with sound and vice versa for large spaces. The bigger rooms also allot for more options for speaker placement; but ultimately go within your budget and try them out in great length while you are inside the store.

The Best Whole Home Audio


Want to know what the best home audio system is? Believe it or not it’s not the most expensive system. In fact it’s a relatively inexpensive system. Here’s the lowdown on what we agree is one of the best systems on the market from TheWireCutter.com Te Best Whole Home Audio System A recent Sonos firmware update makes it possible to stream music through the speakers via your local Wi-Fi network, with no BRIDGE (or physical connection to a router) necessary. Sonos is promising the sound quality will not suffer without the BRIDGE and that listeners will get "95 percent- plus" of the sound performance they'd get with it. We haven't tried it ourselves yet, but will do so as soon as possible and let you know whether we think it's safe to skip the Bridge for certain set-ups. But Sonos says it’s best to to keep a BRIDGE that’s already in place, or get one if you plan on creating complex, multi-room sound systems at home. Expand Previous Updates After more than 10 hours of research and more than 30 hours of listening and daily use, we can confidently say that it’s the easiest to use and best-sounding system of its type. Sonos is the most mature and sophisticated of all current streaming music systems with the most diverse array of speaker types, ranging from desktop to home theater listening.

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